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Computer graphics: research and projects toward the Heritage Education

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November 4th-6th

Av. São João n.473
8th floor

São Paulo-SP


Arquivo Histórico Municipal
Washington Luís


Visit the
São Paulo Municipal Historical Archives
Praça Coronel Fernando Prestes nº 152
Bom Retiro
São Paulo/SP


Computer graphics research and applications in the field of the architecture, especially in the segments of virtual models and visualizations, have showed a relative growth in the Brazilian panorama over the last decade.

The present seminar aims to promote a critical reflection about those applications, especially the proposals directed to the heritage education, trying to draw the key areas of Philosophy of Communication and Theory of History together. The first aim is to problematize the idea of "innovative solutions" already fully adopted in the professional practice.

Among the objectives the seminar proposes a discussion on the new applications starting from the following perspectives: the research instrument, the instrument for heritage education, and the "new media" - a vehicle for diffusion. These points were adopted as a conduit for a critical approach to the thematic axes, which "model" the event itself:
  • the representation of the architecture and the cities,
  • the production of the historiographical discourse, and
  • the heritage education.

From November 4th-6th, Brazilian academic researchers, institutional servants and private developers will be gathered in São Paulo city in round tables and case studies to discuss theoretical aspects and to present recent projects.

The seminar Computer Graphics: research and projects toward the Heritage Education was organized by the Municipal Historical Archives and sponsored by the Municipal Secretariat of Culture (SMC/PMSP).

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